NEW! The Sounds of English. A great site from BBC Learning English.

ENGLISH PHONETIC ACTIVITIES. A great site to practise English phonemic transcription (IPA).

Another good site to practice, especially listening to individual sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation.

A great site to practice listening and study many topics related to the subject. (Click on Phonetics and Phonology on the left)

Phonetics blog. Study phonetic through music

The Sounds of English. Here you can see the articulation of English consonant and vowel phonemes.
Click on Vowel sounds to study the classification of all vowel sounds and diphthongs. You can also hear the specific sounds. Excellent!
These are minimal pairs to study the difference between one vowel sound an another.
The vowel machine Listening exercise. Identify the vowel sound you hear.

Exercise on the articulation of consonant phonemes

See and listen how we articulate vowel sounds and consonant sounds. Click here. New!

Weak and strong forms
Another useful link to practice weak and strong forms.

Online pronunciation course

Complete pronunciation lessons with audio. Minimal pairs and dictation exercises are included.

English Phonetic activities. Website with exercises and a word bank containing examples of words having the target consonant and vowel sounds.

NEW! Pronunciation Exercises. A great site to practise listening and identifying sounds.

Get Sephonics.
Sephonics 1.0 is a Windows program that will teach you the English Phonetic Alphabet, There are exercises where you learn to match a sound to a phonetic sign, transcribe from phonetic text to ordinary text, and much more! Sephonics is freeware.
Sephonics works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7

How Americans "really" pronounce. Link to an archive of English pronunciation podcasts about the pronunciation of American English.

Word stress
Game: Stress Monsters
Word stress
Stress maze
more exercises on word stress. (go to phonetics and phonology on the left, and then click on word and phrasal stress

Great website to do some phonetics exercises. created by María José Navarro. NEW!

Varieties of English

Aspects of connected speech Website with explanations and exercises about the different features of connected speech.

Some exercises on pitch height and tones (Use Internet Explorer)

Online Intonation

Dialogues for practice.

This can't be the house. Part 1. Part 2

Who rings the bell Part 1 Part 2